Glenn Zweygardt

Glenn Zweygardt, professor emeritus of Alfred University works with bronze, glass, stone and steel to accomplish extraordinary, symbiotic "constructs."

His "Liminal Gateway," a major highlight of Sculpture Barn's outdoor spread, entices one to enter, to move forward with strength, but with a succinct lightness.

He taught sculpture at Alfred University from 1969 to 2007. His work can be seen in permanent collections throughout the United States and abroad: at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey; Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland, Florida; the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana; and the Heubey Fine Arts Academy in Wuhan, China.

Liminal Gateway
9' x 5' x 2' - stone, cast glass

Blues Day
32" x 10" x 7" - stone, cast glass, bronze

Blues Landscape
16" x 10" x 6" - stone, cast glass, bronze


Blues Man
17" x 9" x 5" - stone, cast glass, bronze


Red Rock Day
24" x 15" x 8" - stone, cast glass, bronze



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